Sonostar Ventures LLC was founded in 1997 to invest in private companies and start up ventures across a variety of industries and in certain special situations in the public equity markets. After more than 20 years of operations, the entity continues to invest in compelling investment opportunities, either directly or through investments by its principals and their affiliates. To see our current investment portfolio please click on the tab labeled “Portfolio”.

Sonostar Ventures backs entrepreneurs who have the vision, perseverance and integrity to succeed and who have a passion that matches our own desire to excel. Over the years, we have invested in more than 30 early stage private companies, representing a diverse universe of industries.

All of our investments share the following common themes:

1.  Our investments range between $500,000 and $3,000,000, although there are numerous instances where we have helped to arrange or been part of syndicates raising additional financing as needed.

2.  We focus on companies that have reasonable prospects of generating $100 million or more in revenues or that have the potential to return five to ten times our invested capital by the end of the fourth or fifth year following our investment.

3.  We invest in companies that we feel we can positively impact. Since the capital we invest is our own, we insist on being active investors and frequently take positions on the Board of Directors of the companies in which we invest. We look to provide our experience and insight to help enhance the value of our investment. To each of our portfolio companies, we bring our unique combination of operating experience and financial expertise as well as access to our extensive network of professional contacts.

4.  We try to take meaningful stakes in the companies in which we invest so that the capital we provide makes a difference to the entrepreneurs we are backing and the returns we realize make a difference to us.

5.  Our expertise and investment experience is in the financial, operating and marketing areas of business and in the biotechnology sector. We only invest in businesses that we are able to understand quickly or in which our expertise and experience provide added value. In recent years, our investments have had two main themes: direct to consumer sales of products or services generally, although not exclusively, on a recurring or subscription basis and early stage biotechnology investments through our longstanding relationship with Two River Partners (, with whom we frequently co-invest.

6.  We are in it to win, and we only invest in companies and entrepreneurs who share that perspective.


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